CIS Claims & Refunds

When it comes to Construction Industry Scheme Claims & Refunds, not only can they be very complex, but also time consuming as well. Although using an accountant to complete and file the forms for you will cost money, it is much better than making an error and receiving a hefty fine.

If you are looking for help with your monthly CIS tax returns as contractors, we can offer you all of the assistance that you need. Our staff has been helping contractors with their construction industry monthly tax returns for years.

We can also assist you with CIS subcontractor tax returns, and all other tax related issues. By allowing us to do this, you get to spend more time concentrating on your work, and do not have to worry about tax forms.We ensure the form is completed correctly so that you keep all of what is yours.

If you are applying for a CIS tax rebate, then our staff can offer you all of the help that you require. They will do all the hard and complicated work for you, relieving you of the stress of filling out tax forms.

Everyone likes to think that they are paying the least amount of tax, but unless you have professional help, then you may be overpaying. Organising your finances while trying to work at the same time, often means that mistakes can happen. To make sure that this scenario does not happen, please call our staff to obtain the help you deserve.