Corporate Tax Planning

We provide complete tax planning advice for companies and corporations.When it comes to your trading costs, corporation tax makes up a large portion of it. It is difficult to stay on top of all the required legislation, especially when time is short. However, with more tax investigations by HMRC, along with penalties for non-compliance, corporate tax planning is now more important than it has ever been

The taxation division's integral role with the financial planning and finance division enable us to take a holistic approach to clients' tax affairs and develop tax strategies to support their goals.

At Girach & Mannan we provide effective tax planning options that enable you to minimise tax, evaluate your current business position, maximise future profits, and plan for all your legal and financial taxation obligations.

The first phase of our tax planning service involves the preparation of interim accounts and profit projections. We then advise you of your likely tax payable under the current circumstances and then provide you with a number of options to improve the result. There are a number of options available depending on your business record keeping systems and cost budget.

Our services are designed to lessen your exposure to corporate tax, as well as removing the burden of understanding tax legislation. We offer all of the following:

  • Helping you to take advantage of tax relief within the rules of the current legislation
  • Ensuring that your business has the best tax effective structure
  • Taking advantage of tax opportunities which are specific to your industrial sector
  • Lowering your tax burden on disposals as well as making the most of relief on all acquisitions
  • Attaining the best capital or revenue tax treatment
  • Making sure that you have full compliance with all UK corporation tax laws

Contact us today if you need any kind of assistance with your corporate tax planning.