Running a payroll for your employees can be time consuming and complicated. Due to the number of regulations in relation to laws, taxes and pensions, it is no surprise that it can get confusing. By outsourcing your payroll, it means that all of the statutory and employee obligations will be completed on time. We can process your payroll and employee data, freeing up your time. You will then be sent the management reports, while employees will each receive e-payslips or payslips.

We can provide you with all of the following services:

  • RTI (Real Time Information) submissions to HMRC
  • Payroll data processing
  • Payslips supplied in printed or electronic format
  • Reports supplied in printed or electronic format
  • Auto enrolment reporting and guidance
  • Tailored reports to your requirements

The payroll services that we supply are suitable for business sizes both small and medium.

If you have a small team of employees to pay as well as keep records for and are new to payroll management and compliance, then we can help you.


Even if you employ staff who do the accounts and also deal with human resources that are knowledgeable in payroll compliance, outsourcing it can free them up to concentrate on other things.