Tax Investigations

One thing that can prove to be an issue for any business owner is when the HM Revenue & Customs start a tax investigation. Situations like this can result in high levels of stress.

When the present government came to power in 2010 they put an extra £900 million into HM Revenue & Customs so that they could target tax evasion and fraud. Now that they have been reelected, it is likely that this push will only intensify over the coming years. The chances of a business having a tax investigation have increased dramatically. All tax returns are now computerised, and those selected for tax investigation are now done so automatically based on computerised models prepared by HM Revenue & Customs.

In order for you to continue to run your business and to reduce the stress, we will deal directly with HM Revenue and Customs for you. We have years of experience when it comes to dealing with a tax investigation. Everything is included in the service that we offer, from the start of the investigation through to negotiating a settlement on your behalf. There is no need for you to have any direct contact with the HM Revenue and Customs office.

If you have recently been contacted by HM Revenue and Customs then it is important to contact us at your earliest opportunity in order to help you proceed. We can help you with anything tax related such as company tax, personal tax, P11D, PAYE and VAT. For a for free initial assessment, please contact us for a free initial assessment via telephone or email.